Getting Ready for PACE Implementation NDIS:

The National Disability Insurance Agency's (NDIA) upcoming transition to Provider and Participant Digital Access to Core Supports (PACE) software heralds a significant shift for NDIS providers across Australia. PACE aims to revolutionize the way providers interact with the NDIS, particularly in billing and service management. This comprehensive guide outlines crucial insights and steps for providers preparing for this transition.

Understanding PACE Software

PACE is designed to simplify and enhance interactions between providers and participants, promising faster payments, reduced administrative burdens, and improved connectivity. Key features include:

  • New Portals: Replacing PRODA, these portals enable smoother communication and grant providers access to comprehensive participant plan details, including budget information.
  • Support Catalogue Updates: Introducing new support categories and a simplified claiming process, facilitating faster validation and payment processing.
  • Compliance and Processes: Changes include the elimination of support bookings, longer plan durations, and a stronger focus on implementation and monitoring.

Preparing for Transition

Here's what you can do:

  1. Understand the New Support Groupings: Familiarize yourself with the regrouping of existing support services, as reflected in the updated NDIS website.
  2. System Readiness: Ensure your NDIS software accommodates bulk claims and incorporates the new support types and categories to prevent invoicing errors.
  3. Participant Support: Assist participants in navigating PACE, as your prompt payment is contingent upon their nomination of you as their provider.

Your Roadmap to Success

To maximize the benefits of PACE and ensure a seamless transition:

  • Stay updated via official NDIA channels for evolving details on PACE's functionalities and timeline.
  • Engage in free information sessions to gain comprehensive insights into the software and its integration with existing systems.
  • Foster proactive relationships with participants to facilitate smoother validation and payment processes.

Embrace Change with Befree

At Continuity Care, we're committed to supporting NDIS participants, other providers, and concerned parties during this transition. Our expertise in NDIS accounting and management ensures that your journey to PACE integration is seamless. Get in touch with us for specific questions about PACE and how it impacts existing services.




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