We love to brighten your day…

When working with us at Continuity care we can provide many NDIS approved activities for people who are living with disabilities. Not only can activities provide much-needed structure, they can also brighten you or loved one’s day. Keeping days active is so important, it will change the outlook of the person who has a disability and the perspective of their families.

As a Registered Provider of NDIS, Continuity care can customise an activity program specific to you or your loved ones needs. Each individual is given all the support and encouragement to try and participate in a range of activities they want to do. This can provide skill development, improve self-confidence and encourage social and community participation. It is important for everyone to feel independent while cultivating a community to experience peer interaction and support, especially for those who don’t feel accepted in their daily lives. Whether the person wants to be social or independent, there are plenty of NDIS activities and classes that make them happy and improve their life.

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NDIS funded activities include:

Swimming and aquatic aerobics
Cooking and baking
Dancing, singing and drama
Painting, colouring or sculpting
Other arts and crafts
Exercise and gym workouts
Yoga and meditation
Going to the local library and improving your reading skills
Sport activities
Bushwalking and horse riding
Self-care activities
Barbecues and picnics
Computers and games
Beauty related activities, including spa, massage and pedicures
Going to the movies or theatre
Music and other creative outlets
Attending local community events, like markets and fairs
Engaging with local community organisations
Literacy and numeracy
Reading and sensory

We also do custom activities and special occasions:

  • Outings to theme parks, zoos and museums
  • Music concert or other special event
  • Fishing trips, camps and other adventures
  • Holidays and getaways
  • And more…

We take the frustration out of planning your getaway

If you or a family member has a disability, as a Registered NDIS provider we can help coordinate respite, short-term accommodation, a holiday or a weekend getaway. Rest and relaxation are important for everyone, especially people with disabilities. Continuity Care can create a custom solution to meet the support goals and needs of each participant.

Everyone deserves a break. Whether you need assistance, respite services, or just want to go on holiday, as an NDIS Provider we can coordinate respite, short term accommodation and act as your travel agent. We can provide guidance through the entire process, to plan and deliver what is necessary. If you are interested in respite care, holidays or getaway providers and don’t know where to start or would like a price guide.

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