Support Coordination

Person-centred Specialist Support Coordination services

Making a better life happen by reaching your NDIS goals doesn’t have to be hard when your support network is centred around you. You have control over what supports you get, and we connect you with local services that are right for you. That’s how we do things at MyIntegra. Our experienced Specialist Support Coordinators help put the proper supports in place to maintain and build your independence. We understand you have your individual needs, so we take the time to get to know you, and find out your goals and interests. From there, we can help you understand your plan options, connect you with the right local providers, and work through any challenges you face, together.

  • Help make the NDIS easier to understand
  • Get the supports you need in place
  • Help with planning and budgeting
  • Help with preparation for NDIS reviews
  • Find and connect you with providers
  • Enjoy the support of local staff with lived experience

What Support Coordinators Can do For You

If you meet NDIS Support Coordination eligibility, our experienced Support Coordinators at Continuity Care work with you and your family to work towards your goals in your plan as well assisting you in connecting the right support people. Continuity Care and our Support Coordinators will help you get the most out of your package so its packed with value.

Our Support Coordinators can help you set up the NDIS portal. We will also take out the fear out of the process by explaining what happens next, explaining service agreements, and going through what your NDIS funding can be used for and what isn’t covered! This person will confirm bookings and explain Service Agreements. Continuity Care Support Coordinators provide methods to learn how to get your needs met on your own. It is challenging to navigate Support Coordination NDIS as well as the vast choice available to you of providers and services that are on offer. You can get the necessary guidance from your Support Coordinator.

Getting started with Support Coordination

When you start with our NDIS Specialist Support Coordination team, we'll:

  • Work closely with you to understand your plan
  • Break down your goals and specific needs in detail
  • Map out your NDIS journey
  • Guide you in selecting localised supports
  • Negotiate service agreements between you and your providers
  • Review your support services to make sure they are working well

Ongoing Specialist Support Coordination

As your partner for the long term, we'll provide ongoing support in:

  • Helping you exercise choice and control
  • Building your capacity to manage your plan independently
  • Helping you with using the NDIS portal
  • Working with your plan manager to monitor your funds
  • Planning and preparing for your plan reviews
  • Resolving any complex issues with your supports

What makes us different?

Continuity Care Support Coordinator will work with you to:

Minimise the complexity of negotiating with services
Provide the NDIA with reports as required
Strengthen your opportunities for community participation
Ensure your supports meet their obligations
Resolve any problems you may encounter with your supports
Achieve greater independence to self-direct
Connect to mainstream supports

All levels of Support Coordination are available, including:

  • Level 2: Coordination of Supports.
  • Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination.

All age groups and levels of ability are supported, including:

  • NDIS plans for YPIRAC (Younger People in Residential Aged Care).
  • Participants living with psychosocial disabilities.
  • Children and Young People living in Statutory Out Of Home Care (SOOHC) or Voluntary Out of Home Care (VOOHC).
  • Acquired Disabilities.

As a participant with Trusted Support Coordination, you will have an assigned Support Coordinator to work with you and your NDIS plan. You will have the opportunity to strengthen your skills and knowledge to best meet your NDIS plan goals. The Support Coordinator will work closely with you to ensure you get the best out of your funded supports, informal supports and mainstream supports.


We offer a higher level of Support Coordination for people whose situations require complex and specialist support. Our Trusted Specialist Support Coordinator will provide you with the required assistance you need to manage challenges in your support environment and ensure consistent delivery of service.

A Specialist Support Coordinator will be funded through your NDIS plan when additional high or complex needs in your situation require a qualified and experienced practitioner such as a Psychologist or Social Worker.

Our Specialist Support Coordinator will help you manage challenges in your support environment, including health, education, or justice services. We will also strive to reduce barriers to implementing or using your NDIS plan

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