Thriving for Better Care

In today's Care Economy landscape, engaging participants and their families in the design of support and services is paramount for achieving value-based outcomes and fostering patient-centered care. By empowering individuals to take an active role in their care, community service providers can significantly enhance the quality of life and satisfaction among those they serve. This article explores ten strategies to accomplish this goal, ensuring that patients feel supported, informed, and valued throughout their journey in the social support sector.

1. Enhancing Participant Education
2. Promoting Shared Decision-Making
3. Improving Health and Social Literacy
4. Utilizing Digital Health Tools
5. Establishing Supportive Communication Portals:
6. Encouraging Self-Management Support
7. Ensuring Continuity of Care
8. Creating Feedback and Engagement Portals:
9. Embracing Cultural Sensitivity
10. Implementing Patient Empowerment Programs

By implementing these ten strategies, community service providers can create a supportive environment that truly engages and empowers participants. This not only leads to improved value-based outcomes but also promotes a culture of patient-centered care that respects and values the voice of each individual. Together, we can move towards a future where every participant feels empowered to take control of their health and support services.




Referrers Resources

                Improving Health and Well-Being is Our Goal!!
Connecting individuals to services while incredibly important, isn’t always easy. Our Specially trained Navigators leverage local knowledge and experience of the social care sector, The care coordination is much more efficient and outcome-orientated.  That’s why we have a dedicated specialist Care Navigation team to empower easy and positive social care connections for the people you serve. Our Integrated Model of care will speed up the referral process with complete transparent accountability at every step of the process. 


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